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I address that in the original post, it was called a miracle

Posted on: August 9, 2019 at 14:34:47 CT
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although ku was marred by injuries which resulted in them being a 6 seed. Mizzou had a similar problem all year and was 6 seed as well, interestingly if you flip the locations of the seeds (Mizzou going back to the Midwest and ku going to the East) ku would have had to go through Syracuse, Duke, and #1 ranked Temple to make it to the Final Four - they probably would not have made it.

Mizzou and ku were both preseason Top 10 that year, and a Mizzou-kansas national title game in Kansas City, as surreal as that sounds, was a distinct possibility. Mizzou was one of only 2 conference losses for the OU team that did play ku in the natty title game that year.

Point being, yeah a natty is a natty, but its important to note that the frame of reference back then was not "powerhouse storied program kansas wins the title, what a juggernaut" it was "holy f*** kansas won the title, that's really out of left field, WTF"

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