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Coaches choosing their successors...

Posted on: July 22, 2019 at 15:01:40 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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This is simply wrong, and should never happen. They don’t have that right, or responsibility. And they can’t “earn” it, no matter their longevity or success, which the Kreklows had in spades, obviously.

And it is a thousand times worse when designating your successor involves anointing a family member to succeed you. The tone deaf arrogance of the Kreklows in this particular situation is just stunning to me. It is clear to me that they do believe they have earned this right.

And make no mistake about it, that is exactly what they did here with the timing of their resignations. They decided that they were going to install family members as the next coaches, and took the decision completely away from Sterk and other senior AD officials. Don’t tell me they didn’t know what they were doing with the timing. And they are patting themselves on the back about what a great decision it was to install the Taylors as the new coaches.

Let’s be very clear about one thing. If Josh Taylor submitted his resume for an open head coaching position at any D1 volleyball program (other than Missouri), he wouldn’t even get an interview. Anywhere. No one would waste their time like that. Yet he is handed a plum head coaching job here. And people like Molly Kreklow are reduced to saying absolutely stupid things publicly (in the Matter column), saying that her husband earned it. A guy who wouldn’t even get an interview at another D1 school at this early point in his coaching career.

There is a reason why there are rules against nepotism across a wide variety of institutions and work setting. There is no way the Kreklows can be objective or unbiased in their decision to appoint Taylor as the new coach. And appoint them they knowingly did with the timing, leaving Mizzou no choice in the matter. That is just wrong. And this isn’t the first time nepotism has been an issue with the Kreklows. They gave their own daughter far more playing time than she deserved in her career here, including stubbornly sticking with a 5-2 offense that was far less effective than a 6-1 with a far better and more talented setter.

Outgoing coaches should not be allowed to do this. Although some do try. It is neither their right, or responsibility. This should be the decision of the AD. I’m sorry to see the Kreklows do this. And to be patting themselves on the back about what a great choice they made in designating their successors. Make no mistake, they had excellent careers here, among the best coaches ever here. They earned, and deserved all the admiration they are receiving for their efforts here. But they tarnished those stellar careers by taking the decision away from the Mizzou AD and deciding that they, and only they, had the right to decide who the next coach is. And a family members for gods sake. I’m not sure if they could spell nepotism if I spotted them 7 letters.
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