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Talk about shameless, Sanchez takes the cake...

Posted on: July 18, 2019 at 13:54:14 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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On her twitter account, she approvingly retweeted a post from another softball player that reads, in its entirety:

“Do you blame teachers when you score poorly on a test even though you know you didn’t study as hard as you could’ve? That’s like blaming a coach for not playing when you didn’t work as hard as you could’ve to earn a spot.”

Completely shameless. Haha, Sanchez, the noted expert on ‘working hard in the classroom’ and ‘studying hard’. Some nerve for a known academic cheater and liar to extol the virtues of working hard at school. You’d think she could have found a better comparison to approve of.

Does she think that literally no one among her friends and the LSU community knows she selfishly cheated here and all by herself put the entire softball program at grave risk of severe sanctions? All because she was too lazy and stupid and unprincipled to do her own homework?

I asked this before, but is it not common knowledge among softball fans in general and LSU fans in particular what she did here?
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NCAA Softball Tweet is just wrong. - Miz4Now MU - 7/17 23:46:31
     Talk about shameless, Sanchez takes the cake... - bluetiger_ MU - 7/18 13:54:14
          RE: Wow, so she was the one softball player - tahart27 MU - 7/18 19:26:47
               It's a not so secret secret that it was Sanchez(nm) - MizzouAstro MU - 7/18 21:28:57
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     The account operator was clearly ignorant to the - MizzouAstro MU - 7/18 08:09:13

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