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Another good idea from Hanson.

Posted on: July 11, 2019 at 16:52:20 CT
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I have a FAR better chance of winning on my next lottery ticket.
Something you'll never see on cnn or pmsnbc.

From Hanson’s National Review column:

“We are currently at the beginning of the summer vacation season, when America’s 4,000 colleges and universities have plenty of empty dorm space and underutilized facilities.

“Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford, to take just a few examples, might each volunteer to house and feed 1,000 detainees each. Think of the advantages that would accrue to everyone involved in the present tragedy. Immigrants would find safe and sanitary 90-day quarters, almost all of them in university towns that are proud sanctuary cities. Many universities have top-ranked medical schools. Hundreds of resident interns might offer their medical expertise pro bono, especially about hard-to-treat resistant tuberculosis or bouts of little-seen whooping cough. Yale and Harvard law schools are famous for their legal expertise and could offer immigrants top-flight counsel about ensuring refugee status. Schools would have incentives to expedite repatriation before the September commencement of classes.”

What a way to show America how much these academic institutions care about the causes they espouse.
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Another good idea from Hanson. - GA Tiger MU - 7/11 16:52:20
     Lol if only(nm) - TigerFan92 MU - 7/11 17:16:59
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