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Mike Logan was Fulton Class of '86.

Posted on: July 10, 2019 at 10:55:17 CT
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So he would have come to MU under Woody. My memory is Logan definitely looked the part walking off the bus - as a 9th grader he was already fully grown. That's good and bad for an athlete as he can physically dominate smaller boys at the younger age but there isn't always the emphasis on development because of that physical advantage. Seemed like Logan's favorite sport was basketball but, again, his early-age size and physical advantages probably hindered his development because he didn't grow from 9th grade on and, instead of working on his game as a 2-guard, he was physically dominating still-smaller opponents.

While Logan came to MU as a RB, he was really more of an athlete. He may have been better suited to moving to the Defensive side of the ball.

Woody still had some impressive RBs on the roster in '87 - Tommy Stowers, Darrell Wallace, Robert Delpino - all made NFL rosters at some point I believe. And of course TVZ was in Logan's class and some guy named Mike Jones.

Logan only shows up on the '87 roster so it's hard to say he got any kind of deal at MU, let alone a good or bad one. But it sounds like in that article that's positive about MU, or at least not negative.
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