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FWIW - I think as we continue to take rangy DE's

Posted on: July 5, 2019 at 14:47:19 CT
Nohawks MU
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my guess is we'll try to grow one or two of those guys into DT's. Cooper Davis, Kevon Billingsley as well as another one or two we hope to get I bet become DT's. The kid from COMO and the kid we hope to flip from committing to TCU seem like good candidates at the DE position

Last year we took three or four guys at the DE position and I believe the plan is to make 'em eat. This is a critical position so I think your question is a good one. Gotta be strong ups the middle.

That said I have no answer to your question, but please BO, get us some horses on the defensive side of the line.
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