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This doesn’t really shock me...

Posted on: July 3, 2019 at 13:15:00 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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or concern me that much.

First, have to say, she was a key to us making the NCAA tournament. If she hadn’t stepped up, from a group of 3 unheralded transfers (desperation transfers I called them) and pitched as well as she did, we wouldn’t have even qualified for the tourney or finished tied for 6th in the loaded SEC. Someone had to step up to be the #2 behind Norman, and she did it. Had 6 wins over top 25 RPI teams. Amazing effort.

My guess though is she, along with Koester and Schockley, would not see much pitching time in 2020. I expect the 3 freshmen, plus Judge, plus hopefully Dandola (if she wins her appeal to play right away), will be the group of 5 pitchers from whom our starters will come from. With Eli Daniel reprising her role as the closer, in her senior season (should be clear by now that is her place here, not as a starter).

So knowing nothing at all about why Gasper is leaving, I suspect knowing she wasn’t going to get much pitching time her last 2 years here could have been a big factor.

Best of luck to her. I think she showed enough here in 2019 that she could be effective with the right team somewhere.

And yes I still hope Coach LA pulls in a high quality transfer to bolster the talent and depth of the pitching staff. We have no idea yet if the 3 freshmen and Judge will be quality starters at the high D1 level. Until they show it. A little more insurance would be nice.
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