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Barnett and his NBA chances

Posted on: July 2, 2019 at 20:20:54 CT
Harvest MU
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I'm no NBA expert, but based on some watching of games over the years, Jordan seems athletic enough for his size and a good enough 3 pt shooter to play in the NBA.

If he lacks something to get make an NBA roster, I'd guess it's having the aggressiveness to excel in a league where most players are either extremely driven, unreal athletes, or both.

At times at Mizzou, he seemed to just fade into the background in games. He comes across as a very nice and thoughtful young man. Maybe he is just not wired to play with a high level of aggressiveness 100% of the time in terms of attacking offense or defensive intensity.

Still, I would guess he can play professionally for a long time in Europe if that's what he wants. The NBA might be within reach for him but he's got to continue to improve to get there.

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