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Yes there were a bunch of late transfers...

Posted on: June 26, 2019 at 12:17:23 CT
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last year, after school started and even after fall ball ended. Particularly with Oregon with the mass exodus of their 3 great pitchers, all of whom I think played fall ball.

There was some criticism of that, not entirely unjustified IMO, having girls transfer just a month or two before the season started and still getting to play right away somewhere else. I’m not sure if there were any rule changes regarding that, putting a limit on how far you can go into the fall academic semester and still be able to transfer/play in February. But it was being talked about, I heard.

I would be in favor of girls being able to transfer after fall ball. Many times playing time gets clearer during that process. With all the transfers, there are going to be players, particularly pitchers, who realize in just a few months they have gone from a potential 1/2 to a potential 3/4 due to the transfers.

Just look at Kliethermes, the highly rated mid-Missouri high school pitcher. She signed with Oregon and will be a freshman in the fall, but now Oregon (in desperation after not qualifying for the NCAA tournament), is going in big on the transfer market and just signed 2 pretty good pitchers who were POYs in their old conferences. Their only returning pitcher, Dail, had her moments, but finished just 18-18 with an ERA of 4.12, and gave up 42 HRs. She was pounded by the better opposition in PAC 12 play, going 4-13, ERA of 5.84, 25 HRs.

So now Kliethermes has gone from potentially competing for the #1 starter position to maybe being no better than #4, with not much playing time. That’s how quickly transfers can affect a players outlook.

And yes, I have an ulterior motive: I’d love for her to reconsider, taking into account she is walking into a dumpster fire there with the new coach who ran a lot of good players off, and stay home and play for Mizzou.

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