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You don't think Cuonzo, his dad's employer and Jontay's

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 11:29:04 CT
tgr MU
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coach, has any way to confirm what a scout would say about one his player's draft prospsects? This isn't a hypothetical. The players are given draft grades and expected draft position by the NBA. It's a concrete range of where they would be drafted if they remain in the draft. Cuonzo was told that Jontay was a first rounder based on the comments you posted.

He made the stupid choice which coincidentally is the choice that incorrectly lobbied for and he returned. It cost him millions. There is a reason why your advice about returning is idiotic. Best case, you might move up a few draft spots the next year and make a little more money. Worst case, you are Jontay and you cost yourself millions of dollars by returning and playing the game for free.
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