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Conceptually right, but wrong for different reasons

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 08:26:40 CT
FIJItiger MU
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2 years from now Jontay has guaranteed money and is a guaranteed 1st round pick. He left at the most inopportune time available to him, when he had the most questions surrounding him and the least amount proven. 2 years from now he is virtually a guaranteed lottery pick.

This happens over and over with MU players. Micheal was a surefire top 3 pick in about any scenario, except at the exact moment he left and he fell to the very bottom of the lottery. Jabari Brown would have been a first round selection after 1 more year, but he left early and went undrafted and had to try and play his way onto a roster and didn't succeed. Phil Pressey same thing. You could argue that Thomas Gardner maybe same thing too. Even Klieza left for the NBA at about the least opportune time available to him following a very poor season and got drafted much lower than his talent and ability should have dictated.

Then you have guys like English and Carroll who declared early and had virtually no shot of being drafted. They came back and became NBA players, when neither of them probably play a single game in the NBA had they not. Its too hard to play your way onto an NBA roster, there are so few roster spots and so much competition. Unfortunately that is now the spot Jontay predictably finds himself in.

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     I'm not so sure Jontay cost himself that much by staying - jlbomega MU - 6/21 09:16:10
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     Conceptually right, but wrong for different reasons - FIJItiger MU - 6/21 08:26:40
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     Last year he was a fringe round 1 pick and after the combine - Yosa125 TAMU - 6/21 07:31:56
          He was given a 1st round grade after the combine - Domino MU - 6/21 08:29:50
     Frankly, if he listened to his doctors after the first tear - ForOldMissouri MU - 6/21 06:34:36
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               and tearing it the 2nd time....he was told to go back to - tigertix MU - 6/21 07:51:45
               He couldnt have gone last year - kcmizzou99 MU - 6/21 07:31:18
                    Nope. Age doesn't matter. You just have to be one year - tgr MU - 6/21 07:31:48
                         and turn 19 in the year of the draft - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/21 07:36:29

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