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I’m not so much down as I am...

Posted on: June 19, 2019 at 12:28:10 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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very concerned.

We know what we have returning and it isn’t much, besides Smith. And we don’t know how she will handle the pressure of being the team leader and go to person, now that Sophie is gone.

Franks and Blackwell will be the key. On paper they look like 4 year starters with all SEC potential. I’m just never confident about freshmen until I actually see them play and excel at a high level. The college game is just so much bigger, quicker, faster than anything they have ever seen. If they both can play at a high level literally from day 1, or close to it, that will take a lot of pressure off of Amber. That was one of the problems last year, no consistent offensive threats to stop defenses from targeting Sophie.

I hope you are right that Garner is the real deal and can start and contribute, she has the physicality to help in clearly our glaring weak area, the front court.

I’m concerned by all the unknowns, the reliance on 3 key freshmen who havnt played a minute of D1 ball yet, and the lack of quality depth. If everything falls into place we could be as good, or even better than last year, but that depends on Franks and Blackwell being really good from day 1, and staying healthy and happy. If that doesn’t happen, and Garner doesn’t contribute significantly, I think you will see us struggle to even make the NCAA tournament, and be in the mix for 8-11 in the SEC. that’s the worst case.

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