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And here is Megan Christopher...

Posted on: June 18, 2019 at 14:00:37 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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by the numbers (the ones I could find).

Batting average freshman to senior:
.194, .260, .212, .180.

Nothing much at the plate. Clearly regressed as she got older. Moore’s sophomore year hitting was way better than Megan’s best year, and dwarfs her other 3 years by a wide margin.

Megan’s fielding percentage and errors freshman to senior:
.986, 3 errors
.983, 5 errors
.996 1 error
.992, 3 errors

Not a great first 2 years but her junior and senior years were outstanding. And these are numbers, those who saw her with the eye test know how great a defensive catcher she was. But I would say Moore’s first two years defensively were as good, if not slightly better than Megan’s first two.

As with Mack though, missing the complete runners caught stealing stats which are another big part of evaluating catchers. And it’s not just the number thrown out. The great catchers just don’t get run on as much.

Mizzou has had a great run of quality catchers over the last 11-12 years, Christopher to Marston to Mack to Moore. If you talk overall (hitting and defense), Moore has a shot at being the best of them all. If you just look at defense, she and Christopher could end up 1A and 1B, in some order. Megan has nothing on Moore through their respective first 2 seasons. But Megan’s junior and senior years is when she really locked down and took her defense to another level. Let’s hope Hattie does the same. She has a heck of a start.

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