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we know who they were. committing crimes to spy

Posted on: June 12, 2019 at 16:11:51 CT
blake1771 MU
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on US citizens and a presidential campaign. should have you up in arms. sadly you are a partisan hack and don't care as long as it was done to the "other" team.

I'll make these two points until the cows come home:

1. the affiant in the CPage warrants SWORE that Page was an agent of a foreign power and involved in committing offenses that were in violation of US statutes.

Until Page is in handcuffs I will continue to believe that the warrant was illegally obtained and that the affiant swore a false oath to the court and everyone who signed off on it as "verified" also violated Page's constitutional rights.

2. The GPap investigation was an affront to competent investigations and investigators. to put it in simpler terms imagine a drug investigation.

Joseph tells George that Vlad is a drug dealer. George repeats the rumor to Alex and says hey I heard that Vlad sells drugs. Alex then tells the police that George told him Vlad sells drugs.

who does the police investigation focus on? On what planet would you focus on George? Not our planet. You would bring in George and interview him and get him on paper as saying Joseph told him. then you target Joseph, working your way up the ladder until you get to Vlad.

Of course, this investigation is complicated b/c Joseph might have ties to other police investigations in addition to any alleged ties to Vlad.

Under no circumstances should GPap have been put under investigation. He was never accused of being involved in any offense relating to hacking, theft or conspiracy to do either. He simply repeated a rumor while committing the crime of unsuccessfully TRYING to organize a meet between Putin and Trump.

you are unable to convince me this was a competent investigation and as such, I have to ask myself why the investigators would go after GPap and not Mifsud. It makes no sense whatsoever.
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