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Here is a little RB blurb from the Star

Posted on: June 12, 2019 at 09:09:59 CT
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This week in Mizzou recruiting: Ray Curry, Kevon Billingsley, Trey Benson, Jimmy Whitt | The Kansas City Star

UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURIThis week in Mizzou recruiting: Ray Curry, Kevon Billingsley, Trey Benson, Jimmy Whitt


JUNE 07, 2019 01:57 PM, UPDATED JUNE 07, 2019 01:57 PM

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Coach Barry Odom sees positives in Mizzou’s spring football practices

Missouri coach Barry Odom talks about the Tigers’ spring football practicesBY ALEX SCHIFFER 


Good afternoon from Starbucks. Was hoping to get to the column earlier this morning, but Missouri’s football series announcement with San Diego State slowed me. Forgive me.

Here we go.


Missouri landed its first non-local pledges for its 2020 football class earlier this week in Texas tailback Dominique Johnson and Memphis offensive lineman Ray Curry.

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I’ve written a lot about Billingsley on here, as I really like him as a prospect, so I’ll keep it brief on him. He cut his list to Alabama, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, Arkansas and LSU. He’s previously said he plans to visit Missouri and Alabama in June, but I haven’t seen any reports that those visits are set. MU has a good shot at him.

Benson is a running back from Mississippi and put MU in his top seven alongside Oregon, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Florida State and Penn State. Yes, even with Johnson on board, MU will likely take two running backs in this class with Larry Rountree being a strong season away from possibly leaving for the NFL. Five-star tailback Zachary Evans remains possible, but his teammate Damieon George committed to Alabama earlier this week. He will be very hard for MU to land and it’s tough to consider the Tigers a real factor until he visits.
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