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Revisiting the Haley's recruitment

Posted on: June 11, 2019 at 17:44:26 CT
FIJItiger MU
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Since its discussed below.


Though highly coveted by colleges, they failed to make the mandatory 700 on their SATs. Sammy took the test four times and scored four consecutive 690's. Slim took it four times and scored four straight 680's.

The Haleys wound up at Connors State junior college in Warner, Okla., where they averaged a total of 30 points and 24 rebounds in their second season. More than 80 Division I schools courted them.

The twins narrowed their choices to Missouri and Cincinnati. "It was between Norm Stewart, the crazy old coach ..." says Sammy.

"...and Bob Huggins, the crazy young coach," says Simeon.

Crazy old won out in the end. "Coach Stewart has these eyes," says Simeon.

"Powerful eyes," says Sammy.

"He can just look at you ..."

"..and break you down."


Throughout Missouri's recruitment of 7-foot twin brothers Sammie and Simeon
Haley, there was an unanswered question: Could Missouri coach Norm Stewart
accept the twins' conditions, reportedly that they both start and not have to
practice against each other?

``I said, `I'll guarantee you we've got as good an opportunity as anybody
because we've lost so many players.' But on the other hand, I said, `My
concern is, listening to you, I'm hearing a question of how good you are. If
you don't have a great confidence in yourself, then go to some other school,
and we'll schedule them, and we'll beat you.'"

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