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A few thoughts...

Posted on: June 11, 2019 at 12:14:56 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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1. SoftballAmerica is kind of a shoddy site. Doesn’t surprise me that they had the wrong destination ascribed for the two Mizzou players listed.

2. This appears to be a big loss, I loved her bat. But she had a strange season here. Through the sweep at Kentucky she was hitting .388, 19-49. Then she hardly played the rest of the year, getting only 19 official at bats in the last 32 games, even though she did get at bats in the UCLA regional. She went 1-19 in those last 32 games, .053, to finish the season hitting .294. What happened? Was she hurt? Did Coach LA lose confidence in her?

3. She didn’t really have a field position here other than catcher, which she had no chance of playing with Hattie Moore here for 2 more seasons. So she would have been DH only. Maybe she wants to do more than sit on the bench all game long and get up once in awhile to hit, idk. But man she hit the crap out of the ball the first half of the season.

Sorry to lose her but hope she gets a chance to start for some team. Despite her slump later in the year she is a legit D1 hitter who will only get better with good coaching.

She was on my list of 6 key players I would hate to lose, along with: Wert, Rollin, Wilmes, Moore and Kessinger. We can’t afford anyone else from that group to leave now.

My B list of players I would like back but are not real keys to the teams success included Martin, Bailey, Decker, Raabe, George. The last 3 all have good potential to improve and will add depth next year. Martin is gone, and I think despite her good glove that is not a devastating loss: she is a .230 career hitter and we should be able to replace that with a better hitter. Bailey I hope returns, despite her struggles at the plate in her first full season here, I think she will be much improved her sophomore season.
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