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RE: Sophie Dandola transfer pitcher to Mizzou...

Posted on: June 11, 2019 at 12:07:35 CT
Harvest MU
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There were rumors that Hofstra blocked one or more transfers from following Coach Anderson, but I only know what I've read on here.

I will say that after Anderson came here as coach, Sophie Dandola was the Hofstra pitcher I was hoped she'd bring with, just based on the fact she had excellent freshman stats and had 3 years to play. Now that's obviously down to 2 years, but she could still be a big help to the MU team.

This article from February indicates the year started off well for her at Syracuse and she was considered their top pitcher at the time. It looks like from the Syracuse website her stats got worse in the latter part of the season for some reason.

Hopefully Coach Anderson can get her fully back on track. Coach A did well with the pitchers at MU this past year.

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