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I think you are right. The W's are top-heavy.

Posted on: June 11, 2019 at 00:14:39 CT
scif MU
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They have 3 all-time great shooters, but not much shooting beyond them. With one of them out, the Raptors have taken a page from the Cavs and are selling out to stop Curry while covering Green, his main outlet, with a great player. There just isn't enough help for Klay to punish them for that strategy. That is why, after the Cavs beat them, they went out and got KD.

Cousins probably would have solved the problem, if healthy. If KD leaves, they will need to find some shooting beyond Steph and Klay. If the W's lose, however, it might make it more likely for KD to stay. It will become apparent that he was needed. Then again, he will never be loved by W's fans the way Steph is. Who knows what KD will do.
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