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Some interesting softball pitchers out there...

Posted on: June 8, 2019 at 13:26:44 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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2 from the SEC are in the portal and havnt chosen a new school yet, but doubt they stay in the SEC and have to sit a year: Caylan Arnold of Tennessee and Chardonnay Harris of Auburn. Either one would be the best pitcher here, by far, just looking at our returning pitchers.

VTs #2 pitcher, Carrie Eberle, is leaving too. She was 25-8 this year, 1.84 ERA.

Best available one out there is Brooke Yanez of UC Davis, have no idea if she would be interested in coming to the Midwest, but Coach LA would be guilty of malpractice if she hasn’t called her up yet and asked. She was 25-7 this year, 1.03 ERA, 273 strikeouts.

Hopefully more quality pitchers hit the market in the next month or two and Coach Anderson can get one or two to come here. And yes, I do think there is some good potential in the freshmen pitchers coming here. But I’d love to get at least one experienced and successful current D1 transfer to help give us more quality and depth on the mound.
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Some interesting softball pitchers out there... - bluetiger_ MU - 6/8 13:26:44
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