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You're partly right. They gave facts, and avoided

Posted on: May 15, 2019 at 17:40:24 CT
MizzouTigerz MU
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interjecting their own opinion. That's refreshing.

But that is not the whole story. Nothing was said about how many classmates are also pregnant, or the reasons children are in these vulnerable positions in the first place (broken marriages, living together with latest boyfriend/girlfriend and placing at greater risk, etc.).

Nothing about the huge number of childless couples who are willing to adopt at birth.

Nothing about crisis pregnancy services which have a variety of resources available to these girls.

Nothing about legislatures' progress in stripping rapists of parental rights.

Nothing about what law enforcement has done in this and similar circumstances.

Having spent time on the B.O.D. for a crisis pregnancy home, I understand a lot of the issues and the gut wrenching decisions these girls have to make. The one thing you don't want to add is the guilt of having killed their baby. That is not talked about enough. That is a crushing last blow for many, and guilt that many deny with great hostility and vitriol, because they don't want to recognize that it was a life they took, not a mere glob of tissue removed.
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