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And in order to consistently have 4-6 upperclassmen you

Posted on: May 15, 2019 at 07:22:08 CT
alwaysright MU
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need to consistently recruit 3 kids per class because as soon as you have a couple classes of 4 or a 5 in there, you're going to follow it up with a slim class.

Looking back at recent champions. Numbers are slightly different that what I'm discussing because I'm only looking at the top 10 contributors and not the entire roster, so I'm likely leaving 2-3 scholarship kids out on each team.

2018 Nova = 0-4-2-4, note Nova had 3 seniors but they ended up not being big contributors.
2017 UNC = 3-3-2-2
2016 Nova = 3-3-1-3
2015 Duke = 1-3-2-4
2014 UConn = 4-2-2-2

2019 UVA = 1-4-3-2

This is pretty good balance of contributors. Even Duke with their high profile recruiting had 4 upperclassmen. And again, note that this is not how many kids were recruited in each class but how many made the top 10 in production that season.

This season MU will have a breakdown of 1-4-3-4
which sets us up for the 4-3-4-2 that I noted above for next year. This is a big improvement over where we have been, but it falls short of where we should be striving to be. We should strive to never have a class of 1 kid and we should try to avoid ever just having 2. 2 will happen at times, but we should try to avoid it.

That's why I say our goad in recruiting should be 2 top-100 kids each year and 1 top 150 or maybe even 200 kid. By doing this you should pretty well have your 8-man rotation set at all times; you have an extra scholarship for the occasional elite guy you might get or to fill a hole for an early departure; you have decent, yet developmental guys that can build towards rolls as upperclassmen and fill in for departures or guys that don't work out.

And yes, I fully recognize that this is an ideal/dream scenario that is hard to maintain, but if we aren't even trying to do so, we'll never get there.

Mike Anderson totally fvcked up our class balance.
Frank Haith was actually very close to getting it fixed, but due to his general inability to recruit HS kids and his panic over trying to maintain is false facade of good teams, he tore it back apart.
Kim Anderson could have fixed it if he had coached well enough to keep kids in the program.
Cuonzo is on track to get things re-aligned...we'll see if he keeps it up.
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