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Hinson is probably a good comparison for what Brown's

Posted on: May 14, 2019 at 20:04:20 CT
alwaysright MU
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ceiling looks like.

If he can be that level of a do-all PF, then he'll certainly get to play. But, if he takes time to adjust or if he tries to be a guard and doesn't accept the role of the 4, then he might play very little.

Look for his minutes.

It is not coming at PG or Center, obviously
That leaves the two wing spots and the 4 as his options. He may envision himself as a wing, but I don't see how he gets minutes on the wing with Watson, Mark, Pickett, McKinney and even Dru rotating through there.
His chance to play is at the 4 where he's competing with Jackson, Mitch, and Braun.
Now, he certainly might earn minutes from those guys. I am not saying he can't. I am just saying that it is possible that he does not. The thing to consider is that even though Brown's size and ability are more those of a PF, he has been basically playing PG in HS. In that time, Braun, Jackson, and Mitch have been playing PF and building those skills. Now, I think I can presume that Brown is a better passer than the three older guys, so that could really help him in our system.
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