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SEC softball thoughts on the regionals...

Posted on: May 13, 2019 at 11:37:01 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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The conference got 6 seeds, as expected:

5 Florida
8 Alabama
10 LSU
11 Ole Miss
12 Tennessee
14 Kentucky

Auburn, Georgia, Arky, SC fell short but will be strong #2 seeds in the regionals they got sent to. All 13 SEC teams made it in, TAMU just barely, with an RPI of 50. Hard to believe Florida got seeded 3 spots ahead of Bama. The only explanation is the selection committee decided to send a message to them regarding weak non conference scheduling. Still an awful seeding choice. Bama whipped Florida 3 times in Gainsville, finished 18-6 to their 12-12 in SEC play, and barely lost in the tourney final to them 2-1.

Here are my initial takes on the seeded SEC teams chances to advance to the super regionals:

5 seed Florida: should advance, got Stanford as a 2 seed. However, their anemic offense could still come back to bite them anytime. It wouldn’t shock me to see Stanford take them to a deciding game Sunday.

8 seed Alabama: now playing with a big chip on their shoulder, as if they needed any motivation after rolling through the SEC season and winning the title handily. They will have to get past a good Arizona St team who is playing well now, but their pitching should be strong enough. I think they are a lock to advance.

10 seed LSU: I have no faith in them at this point. They get a tough Texas Tech team as the 2 seed in their regional. I think this will go to a deciding game on Sunday and would flip a coin as to who advances.

11 seed Ole Miss: Seeded a little high, but you can’t discount their toughness, won 6 SEC series and tied another until getting swept at Georgia the last weekend. They get a good ULL team though. This could be a very tough regional for Ole Miss. ULL is a mystery to me as they had such an awful schedule. Plenty of talent as usual. This is a hard one for me to call. I think Ole Miss prevails but wouldn’t be shocked if it ended up the other way.

12 seed Tennessee: I think the Vols will handle either North Carolina or Ohio St, expect them to advance here.

14 seed Kentucky: VT is like ULL, great record against an awful schedule. I don’t think they or Illinois will challenge UK here.

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SEC softball thoughts on the regionals... - bluetiger_ MU - 5/13 11:37:01
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