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RE: Rask, WTF can you not leave people to their own lives?

Posted on: April 16, 2019 at 01:16:41 CT
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Only co-dependent pansy's volunteer outside of war time efforts. Help your family and friends I say and let everyone else do the same.....but mandating public service is beyond the core values of the United States. I darn well don't work without Compensation PERIOD and most public works or organisation I fundamentally oppose and would actually actively work against.

Although I might Volunteer to attack Green Peace and save the Whale loons Now that would be fun to blow the Heck out of their ships and nut job cult followers.
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     Mandatory service is used the world over - raskolnikov MU - 4/16 09:01:52
          Can you not respond to the point and argument? - pickle MU - 4/16 09:05:26
     Of course that could also apply to - GA Tiger MU - 4/16 05:56:53
          It applies to everything and everyone, GAT - pickle MU - 4/16 06:56:28
          Women have that absolute choice now - 4TigersinMichigan MU - 4/16 06:23:17
               OK Nancy, just say no(nm) - raskolnikov MU - 4/16 07:07:58
                    As with most everything, you don’t have to say no - 4TigersinMichigan MU - 4/16 07:21:01
               Unless its the person involved. - GA Tiger MU - 4/16 06:30:21
                    One of life’s great rules - 4TigersinMichigan MU - 4/16 06:46:05
                         Its a plan.(nm) - GA Tiger MU - 4/16 06:47:53
     RE: Rask, WTF can you not leave people to their own lives? - THEGROVE68 MU - 4/16 01:16:41
          "volunteer to attack Green Peace". Oh my(nm) - raskolnikov MU - 4/16 07:10:10

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