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I disagree. Lock had worst teams.

Posted on: April 14, 2019 at 21:05:28 CT
ToTheFinishLine MU
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Freshman year: Zero WRs, Zero O-line

Sophomore year: Zero defense

Junior Year: slightly better defense, still some drops, weird system, all long ball game.

Senior year - Completely screwed out of 2 wins, should've been a 10-11 win team. Hall was out for so many games too. Not Lock's fault.

I'd say my bet is on this team wins 10 games total with a bowl, 9 without. Think UGA, FLA and a wildcard for the other loss.

Lock got screwed by things way out of his control. Certainly one of the best QBs that will ever come here and certainly top 3. Daniel, Franklin are the only other contenders in that category. I'd take another year of Lock vs Franklin, but it is close.

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