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Can the appeal be successful for us to go to a bowl

Posted on: April 14, 2019 at 17:43:16 CT
ToTheFinishLine MU
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this year? I saw somewhere it takes a while for the NCAA to respond USUALLY, but with enough attention from the school, state lawmakers, you'd think they would at least do a review and decide yay or nay in the next few months (before the season starts).

Is there a chance at all that it can be overturned before this season or is the expectation that it isn't going to happen?
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Can the appeal be successful for us to go to a bowl - ToTheFinishLine MU - 4/14 17:43:16
     Here is a good (bad news though) article on it. - TigerMatt STL - 4/14 18:50:28
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     Last article I saw was NCAA had 30 days to respond - TigerMatt STL - 4/14 17:51:16
          So we have like 10 days left, right? - ToTheFinishLine MU - 4/14 18:06:57
               I think it was filed March 25, so we will hear something - TigerMatt STL - 4/14 18:09:27
                    Got it. Thanks. Though lame, we have a pretty good schedule - ToTheFinishLine MU - 4/14 18:17:15

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