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I guarantee this is happening in college athletics

Posted on: March 14, 2019 at 17:39:21 CT
alstl MU
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to get players to pass the sat/act.


CW-1 allegedly instructed clients to purport their children had learning disabilities to obtain medical documentation that the College Board and ACT, Inc. typically require for granting time extensions. In one instance, CW-1 told defendant Gordon Caplan to instruct his daughter "to be stupid" when the psychologist evaluated her, the documents allege.
Once the disability documentation was obtained and the students granted extended time, which often enabled them to take the exam over two days instead of one in a private setting, CW-1 reportedly instructed clients to change the location of the test center to one of the two test centers he claimed to "control": the West Hollywood Test Center, at a private college prep school in West Hollywood, or the Houston Test Center, located at a public high school in Houston.

The complaint claims CW-1 instructed parents to "fabricate a reason," like a "bar mitzvah or a wedding," that required their children to take the test in Houston or West Hollywood instead of at their own high schools.

CW-1 allegedly bribed test administrators at the test centers to allow a third party to take the exams in the place of the students, to serve as a proctor while providing the students with correct answers, or to review and correct the students' answers after completion of the exam.
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