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Georgia softball schedule...

Posted on: March 13, 2019 at 14:47:38 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Not a comment about the upcoming series with #8 Georgia. It’s another tough one. But I have never seen a more pitiful, embarrassing schedule for a top 10 rated team 27 games into the regular season.

They are 24-3, against 18 different teams. 11/18 of those teams do not have winning records, including powers like 2-18 Omaha, 1-15 Bryant, and 1-16 Buffalo. The cumulative records of those 18 teams is 169-207, .449.

The 3 best teams they have played this year in terms of winning percentage, they lost to every one of them: 22-4 Indiana, 18-4 Virginia Tech, and 14-7 Elon. Only Indiana is ranked in the top 25. And VT has played an awful schedule to get to that 18-4 record.

Looking at last years final RPI ranks, 10 of their opponents finished with RPIs of 100+. 6 more opponents finished with RPIs of 200+. The only two teams they have played this year who had 2018 RPIs of less than 100 are notable powerhouses UMass (59) and Florida Atlantic (81). So they knew they were putting together a ridiculously easy nonconference schedule when they did it.

They may well be a top 10-15 team, although losing to Indiana, VT, and Elon suggests otherwise. And they may well win the series against us this weekend. But they should be completely ashamed of their non conference schedule.

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