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Here is the reason...

Posted on: March 12, 2019 at 12:07:41 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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ESPN still has Mizzou rated as a #5 seed. However, sometimes due to NCAA rules on putting the bracket together to avoid conference teams meeting before the sweet 16, teams get a “procedural bump” up or down one seed line. In the current bracketology from yesterday, Mizzou was “bumped” from a 5 seed to a 6 seed, and Arizona St was bumped from a 6 seed to a 5 seed. The primary reason is because 7 SEC teams are projected in, and 2 of them, SC and TAMU, are projected as 4 seeds, and we can’t be placed in their regional. What messed us up in this case is SC was a 3 seed but got dropped to a 4 after getting upset by Arky.

Is it fair? Well, not necessarily. I would much rather play one of the group of teams projected right now on the 4 seed line than the 3 seed line, which is the consequence of being moved from the 5 to the 6 seed. And while it was pointed out that we would play a 2 seed if we somehow got to the sweet 16 instead of a 1 seed, I don’t see that as much of any advantage at all this year. Our shot at beating a 1 seed is 0%. It might be 3% at beating a 2 seed, when you have the likes of Louisville, Oregon, and Stanford sitting there, who are all basically 1 seed quality teams in a year when you have 6-7 potential 1 seeds. I guess if we had any shot it might be against an Iowa, except Gustafson would probably score 60 against us (she nearly scored 50 against a really good Maryland team in the B1G final).

I’m just hoping we get a seed position and bracket that gives us a remote shot at surviving the first weekend and getting to the sweet 16. We haven’t come remotely close to accomplishing even that during the last 3 years under RP where we started qualifying for the NCAAs again.
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