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In other softball news, Oregon is starting to show...

Posted on: March 10, 2019 at 10:25:06 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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the effects of the massive talent exodus in the wake of Mike White moving to Texas and the OU assistant being hired. More proof, as if it’s needsd, that hiring a top assistant from a national power is not a guarantee of success.

After starting the season 6-0 against a very easy schedule overall, they are now 11-10, and should be 11-12. They caught a huge break last weekend when, mired in a 1-4 slump, they had games cancelled due to weather against a hot Michigan team (fresh off of huge wins against top 5 UCLA and Washington teams) and #7 Tennessee, who is easily handling #4 Florida on the road this weekend. Those were 2 sure losses for the Ducks. That’s the only reason they were hanging on at #24 in this weeks NFCA poll.

That will end now, as the just got swept at home by a good, but not great #19 Oklahoma St team. Their transfer from VT, Dail, is coming back down to earth, and they have absolutely nothing behind her.

With their first two conference series coming up against Arizona and Washington (expect them to go 0-6 there), I expect they will be well under .500 by the time they come here for 2 games in April. I will be very disappointed if we don’t at a minimum split against them here.

Also an ulterior motive, I wish the worst for Oregon this year, would love to see the program implode and for Missouri prep star Mackenna Kliethermes to reconsider her LOI to play there next year and stay home and play for us. Maybe that’s a pipe dream, idk.

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In other softball news, Oregon is starting to show... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/10 10:25:06
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