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SEC softball first weekend...

Posted on: March 10, 2019 at 10:06:33 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Was of course disappointed to see Mizzou not be able to hold on to an early 7-0 lead Friday, and an 8-3 lead in the 4th inning. If Norman had started game 2 instead of game 1, we would have won, she controlled Bama pretty well in the 3-1 loss. But if Gasper doesn’t step back up and turn into an effective #2 it’s going to be a long season. Still a chance to steal a game today, but in hindsight maybe we should have gone with Gasper against their ace Fouts, and saved Norman for their #2. The rest of the SEC though holds some promise for Mizzou success, I think, even if we can’t steal a game on the road this weekend against a top 10 team. That’s a pretty high bar to start the conference season with.

Elsewhere, road teams are taking charge the first weekend of SEC play. #7 Tennessee is trashing #4 Florida in Gainsville this weekend, winning the first two games 9-1 and 3-0, exposing the Gators weak offense. They routed Florida’s AA ace Barnhill, the biggest cheater (illegal pitcher) in the country, chasing her with 3 home runs. UT going for the sweep today, has already won the series.

#9 LSU is likewise trashing TAMU on the road, winning 17-3 and 7-0, going for the sweep today.

#22 Kentucky is also exposing #11 SC, winning the first two games on the road 5-0 and 11-2, going for the sweep today. SC build a gaudy record against a weak schedule, and is nowhere near the top 10-11 team in the country.

And #15 Arky whipped Ole Miss on the road yesterday 10-4 in the series opener.

Mizzou plays series against Ole Miss, Miss St, TAMU, and SC. Three of those teams are unranked and the 4th overrated. Those are winnable series. Yes, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia are real challenges, I expect to get swept by UT, but in softball anything can happen in a single game. And Georgia has played a pitiful schedule so far, lost to a 13-7 Elon team at home yesterday, also lost to unranked VT and ranked Indiana. Doesn’t have a top 25 win all year and is likely very overrated. I like our chances against them here in Columbia. Even if we get swept at Bama I still see a reasonable path to 10-11 wins in SEC play, which would be outstanding, and likely assure us an NCAA bid.
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