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Rita made an interesting point about 1st 3 presidents not

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 13:03:45 CT
hokie VT
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being hungry for power. Maybe some others as well.

I have argued frequently that a return to citizen government would require strict term limits on elected officials.

Would you as a term a limited member of the house of reprehensibles, base every one of your actions and thoughts on the implications for reelection, or would you do the best job you could for your constituents?

Should an idiot from a district of idiots plan her 40 year career in government and eventually head powerful committees like Sheila Jackson Lee or Maxine Pad? All the while getting wealthy on a salary of about $150,000 per year? How does that happen?

How did Harry Reid amass a fortune of scores of millions of dollars after a 30 year career in which his salary was about $180,000 per year?

There are people serving in Congress today, who you would not hire as the weekend French fry chef at McDonald's, who have made millions upon millions of dollars "serving the people". And not serving them French fries, by the way.

Taking this citizen government to an intriguing if absurd extreme, what if the members of Congress and the Senate were conscripted to serve? That is, those persons meeting the requirements for office would be selected at random for a six year term, as an example. No electioneering, no campaigns, no lies, no stuffing ballot boxes.

No political parties.

Like jury duty...

The selected representatives would be paid at some amount above and beyond their current nongovernment salary and would be guaranteed a return to that position when their term expired.

Would that make for citizen government or for a disorganized and chaotic government going in all directions at once?
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