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Mr. blew guys wants us to ignore embarrassment for

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 11:38:57 CT
hokie VT
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the Socialist party. Like the Media generally do.

Focus on bad things about Trump. There was nothing obsessive or wrong with constantly haranguing the president of the United States for a mythical collusion with Russia, or some nefarious reasons for not showing his income tax returns.

Nothing obsessive there.

Calling for his impeachment since before his inauguration, and several daily accusations of racism are just fine, thank you. Nothing obsessive there.

Nothing mean, nothing partisan.

But when the anointed leader of the new Democrat/socialist party speaks, we should ignore it. Because she embarrasses them. They think everyone who is not a democrat or socialist is John Boehner or Paul Ryan. And we should not to say anything bad (true) about the socialists and their effort to ruin the country.

But we are not.

So we will.
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