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Trump's legacy will be an erosion of humanity

Posted on: February 10, 2019 at 19:54:10 CT
Iam4Mizzou MU
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and an erosion of the pillars of a free society. It started with dehumanizing immigrants and continued with calling the free press the "enemy of the people". He has made false and inflammatory accusations, denigrated judges including one for his Mexican heritage, has undermined the justice system, intelligence, the courts, claimed fraud and corruption without evidence, undermined confidence in the election process, sowed division, and if that weren't enough, he just appeals to the worst in people.

To top it off, he is plain ignorant. He ignores security briefings and instead gets "educated" by watching cable news. He shifts his stance depending on what blowhards like Hannity and Coulter demand. His friends are all going to federal prison. His staff is in constant turmoil and turnover. He governs like he's showing off for the camera, gunning for ratings. He confuses outrage with validation. He took 'united we stand, divided we fall' and turned it on its head, making himself the spiritual leader of the disaffected imbecile.

And the GOP has capitulated. Lyndsey Graham has bent over and sold out to Trumpism. For that reason, the GOP is forever dead to me and I voted primarily GOP until 2016 since 1984. That doesn't make me a democrat. It makes me principled. I don't know who I can vote anymore. I am a man without a party and a man firmly against the only two parties that seem to matter.

Integrity in political office matters. Trump has none. Everything he does and says is calculated based on whether it benefits him personally and politically. His opinions about people are based solely on whether you are a fan of his. He is easily manipulated and thin skinned. He doesn't read. He doesn't study. He spells at an elementary level. He thinks the human body is a battery with finite energy and therefore people should not exercise. He is an ignoramus.

You don't have to become a democrat to reject Trump. You just have to have integrity and some level of understanding of what it means to be American.

With that, it was fun to tigerboard for a day like the old days.
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