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We should handle Vandy easy...

Posted on: February 10, 2019 at 09:09:22 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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but you never know with this team how many turnovers and missed point blank layups will be in the mix. We also could be looking ahead to the next game, @ Miss State.

After these next 2 games we will be 18-8, 7-5 in SEC play, heading into the closing 4 games stretch of the regular season. Tennessee at home, Auburn and Arky on the road, then Alabama at home to close the regular season. Our ceiling is 22-8, 11-5. All 4 are winnable games. But all will be tough, even Alabama I’m afraid. Our floor is 19-11, 8-8. My guess is we lose to Tennessee, somehow split the two road games, and beat Bama, to finish 20-10, 9-7.

We are in good shape on RPI rank. Playing Alabama (128) and Vandy (179) will drag us down, Miss State (7) will help us, and Auburn (63) and Arky (74) won’t help or hurt much either way. I think our RPI window is in the 25-35 range. However, closing the season at 1-3 could push it into the upper 30’s, with 11 losses, and put us right on the bubble.
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