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Mostly agree. She is just an in your face socialist, while

Posted on: January 11, 2019 at 18:38:51 CT
hokie VT
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the rest of the Democratic Party is deceptive, deceitful, duplicitous, and deranged.

She is an acknowledged socialist.

Hillary Clinton for example was a socialist but like most of them, she would not admit it.

Some in the Democrat party still pretend to be patriots. Still pretend to love their country. They don’t.

But since the electorate is easily fooled, they pretend.

The bug eyed bimbo from New York has constituents that are really, really, really stupid. And they think socialism is just fine, thank you. No need to hide it, no need to sugarcoat it or call it something different.

These are Obama Democrats.

Not sure where the future is, but I think it works well for the conservatives to have the Democrat party have to deny it self.

Because as you said, ideologically she is them.
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