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On the SEC fan page on fb

Posted on: January 10, 2019 at 16:56:23 CT
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Some Bama fans are predicting that if Kitchens succeeds at Cleveland they can poach him....first of all if he succeeds at a place where his predecessors for the last 20 years have failed he will have his pick of places to coach in the NFL so why would he take on the added stress of having to recruit as well as coach. They admit it's a crazy prediction but id venture into ludicrous.....

I know Harbough went back to the college game but he had worn thin in San Fran and was on his way out so it's not like he left San Fran to coach at Michigan
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On the SEC fan page on fb - Tigers Mount Up! MU - 1/10 16:56:23
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                    If a NFL team wants a coach they will win the bidding - Tigers Mount Up! MU - 1/10 18:51:23

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