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No, that's exactly right

Posted on: January 10, 2019 at 12:44:45 CT
Mormad MU
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I'm not inciting some controversy. The spin makes sense. Whether it is, or isn't spin, I'm happy that they're coming back and I'm glad that it's a good enough environment that they're willing to come back versus pressing a bad opportunity. I have concerns for Crockett - hope it works out for him and I get why he made the choice, but I still hope it works out. Another good rep of Mizzou.
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     Seems little doubt that he gets the players behind him. - GA Tiger MU - 1/10 13:22:31
     I can agree with that. As much as I hate games that we lose - Uncle John MU - 1/10 12:58:46
          Baseline, Mizzou should be an 8-win team. - alwaysright MU - 1/10 16:33:46
     My suspicion is that's spin - Mormad MU - 1/10 12:15:58
          Whether it's spin or not, they are coming back and are - eatatjoes MU - 1/10 12:40:55
               No, that's exactly right - Mormad MU - 1/10 12:44:45
                    We agree. Hopefully Crockett has no regrets. If he can stay - eatatjoes MU - 1/10 12:52:12
                         I think Crockett is scared of more injuries. He'll get a - alwaysright MU - 1/10 17:46:10

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