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No more real ?s on O; only 2 of 5 ?s answered on D.

Posted on: January 10, 2019 at 12:08:23 CT
GapDaddy MU
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MU's 2019 offensive questions are basically answered:

QB: Bryant
RB: Rountree, Badie, Bakare plus 1 other
WR: Johnson, Knox, Scott; Nance; 1 from Floyd, Gicinto, Bannister; 1 of either Massey or Boone.
TE: Albert O, Parker; each backed up by Swinson and Scales.
OL: Simms, Durant, Castillo, Cook; 1 from Borom, Ruth, Delgado.

The Defense looks way murkier to me when I really look in to it.

The only answers we have are at CB and Safety.

CB: Acy and Holmes; Sparks at 1 depth plus one of Petry/Ware.

Safety: Oliver, Bledsoe; backed up by Gillespie. Only real question is how good is Jalani Williams and can he break into the rotation.

From there I see a lot of questions:

LB is only partly answered: Garrett and Bolton. Is Perkins a true LB or a Nickel backer? Will one of Miller or Brooks begin to fill their potential? Is Chad Bailey ready to play as a RsFr?

DE has a Huge need for a Pass Rush threat: Byers and Turner are answers but who's next? Can Jeffcoat or Hansford bring a pass rush? Can we get a ready-to-play juco? This position needs an impact juco badly.

DT: Elliott is it. We need Whiteside and Utsey to progress. Is A. Thompson ready to be a main rotation guy? Will the transfer Chris Daniels be ready to go or, like most DL, will he need a year? Serious questions about depth on the inside IMO.

Maybe the biggest question for both sides of the ball is D. Dooley:

- while Bryant had a higher completion percentage than Lock, I'm not sure Bryant makes average receivers great like Lock could. Will Dooley be able to find Big Play explosiveness while building an offense that is otherwise run-heavy and TE-possession based to keep the Defense off the field. With Bryant's threat in the run game, I think we have a chance to be a better red zone TD-scoring team than we were with Lock.
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