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Whoa slow down there...

Posted on: January 9, 2019 at 21:40:38 CT
sjbe4d MU
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This team is not even close to where it’s at without Geist. There have been times where I have thought to myself, damn, I wish Geist would shoot more. Last night he had to and shots stopped falling. He played well and most of his shots were not bad shots for the situations he found himself in. So don’t dog on Geist. This isn’t last year and he has greatly improved.

I know you must be related to Mark Smith since every post you make is about him, but he isn’t ready to carry a team or be a leader. Not yet anyway. He’s looked good and we are all hopeful that he continues to improve, but to say Pinson wouldn’t have been playing is dumb. Pinson is talented and has played plenty in games where Mark smith wasn’t in foul trouble. Plus, he’s just more aggressive than Mark at this point. I hope Mark gets there, but don’t be crapping all over guys that played hard last night in a loss just because...
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