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Latest Mock Draft - Lock falls out of 1st Round

Posted on: January 9, 2019 at 14:40:42 CT
drfrightner MU
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Okay let me just saying RIGHT NOW last mock draft CBS had they had Lock going 6th overall now he falls out of the first round no way in HELL that happens.

Because I'll tell you right now if he falls like that several teams would take him just to have him under aging QB's like New England.

Do you think New England wouldn't take him if he was there at or near the bottom of the 1st round? No way he goes by New England with a 41 year old QB. What better way to bring Lock along than under Tom Brady.

I'll give you another example the LA Chargers... they're a pretty complete team. Why wouldn't they take a QB to play under Rivers whos going to be 37.

Another team that would have to consider him is the Raiders who seems to be thinking 3 years down the road. I doubt very seriously that QB loving coach won't snap him up and consider trading his current QB. In fact I see a deal just before the draft where they pull off a trade with Jacksonville for their QB, then the Raiders draft Lock.

Another team would be the Eagles who will probably lose Foles ... they would be interested in a back up QB.

The Titans have to be considering making a move because Marcus just isn't panning out wouldn't you consider him there around 20?

But overall there are several teams that need a QB: Redskins, Giants, Jags, Bucs would probably consider Lock in the 2nd, Broncos, Bengals, Dolphins, and lets not discount the Rams who like taking former Mizzou guys.

Here is the point there is NO WAY Lock is falling out of the first round NO WAY IN HELL!

A team would trade into the 1st round to grab him... but my thought is several teams will look to move on a QB.

Lock in my opinion is the best QB in the draft. Once you get to the combine, private work outs, study the tape Lock will be a top 10 pick.

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