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Excellent post. And further...

Posted on: January 7, 2019 at 13:14:55 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Here are two things I wish/hope will happen from the incident:

1. The UT head coach tells her assistant to never ever fail to high five anyone from the opposing team, players or coaches, or she can find a new job. The coaches are supposed to be the adults in the room. On most of these after game rituals the players barely even touch fingers, the winners are happy and the losers not so much. But it's an important ritual.

2. Coach RP tells Sophie it's not even remotely her job to be judge and referee about the sportsmanship of opposing coaching staff. Next time she does that she can watch the next game from the bench.

Sophie could have taken the high road and just ignored it and kept on walking. Let the poor sportsmanship of the UT assistant just lay there for everyone to see. But of course that's not Sophie's nature. She has a bulldog mentality and plays the game with passion, as if it's roller derby. She's not a dirty player but she occasionally makes dirty plays, that go over the line. She knows Mizzou fans celebrate her style, and she knows other teams and players dislike her, some to the point of hating her. And she feeds off that and relishes it, I think. It motivates her. But she is incapable of knowing when enough is enough.

On the technical foul, I'll just say this. She knew exactly what she was doing. She's been playing basketball a long time. She knows where her elbows are going when she starts swinging them. If she wanted to poke the UT player in the chest with her elbow she would have. Instead she aimed higher.

And her explanation of why she went after the UT coach and insisted she recieve her totally insincere barely touching high five was of course disingenuous. It wasn't to 'be on good relations with the coach because they were going to see each other again later this season', or whatever baloney she said. It was to call out the coaches behavior, period. At least Sophie could have been honest about that. She doesn't give a rats behind about having a cozy relationship with some assistant at the end of the bench. She was just being true to her nature. She won't let the slightest slight go unanswered. We love her for it (usually), many others hate it.

But I guarantee you there isn't a coach in the SEC that wouldn't want her on their team. Yeah even the a hole at SC.

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