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Holly Warlick post game press conference

Posted on: January 6, 2019 at 19:03:36 CT
tigerden MU
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The media peppered her with questions that could have led her to be critical of Sophie and probably Lauren Aldridge too. To her credit she didn’t bite.
Her issue was to say that they gave up 10 3 point shots, and basically 4 of them were not contested nearly well enough. She said Missouri played very much like they expected. They thought Mizzou would go inside and then kick it out to shooters.
These games are highly competitive and tempers can get a little charged. Sophie is not out there to make friends, and yet only had 1 hard foul due to a flying elbow on a drive. I’ve seen that happen lots of times in games. Sophie really only got 3 fouls, and 1 of those was pretty questionable in my opinion.
Tennessee’s biggest problem in the game was they shot 34% from the field.
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