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RE: Can't wait to see what Dooley has planned for him

Posted on: December 7, 2018 at 08:53:03 CT
Ragarm MU
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I don't think we will see much difference in the offense with Bryant. KB runs better than Lock. Lock throws the deep ball better, but KB can stretch the field often enough to make his strength as a passer effective.
We will probably see a few more designated runs for Kelly, but I don't expect many more that we saw out of Lock. We will see KB run more out of the RPO's if he actually likes to run as much as we think he does and there will be the ones when the recivers can't get open, the play breaks down and he has to scramble. That's how I see the difference in our offense. We still will have the RBs do most of the designated runs and that is where we should. We have an able stable of those guys.
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     Can't wait to see what Dooley has planned for him - BigDave MU - 12/7 08:28:23
          RE: Can't wait to see what Dooley has planned for him - Ragarm MU - 12/7 08:53:03
               I don't disagree with that - BigDave MU - 12/7 09:25:40
     Josh Dobbs is a poor man’s Stan Sitwell. - Emoji Man MU - 12/7 07:47:38
     So he’ll be getting an electrical engineer degree?(nm) - escalade NWMSU - 12/7 06:55:37
          I thought it was aerospace engineering. Regardless... - Tigerborn MU - 12/7 07:01:41
     I think you have absolutely no idea what you are taking - Carlos Rossi MU - 12/7 02:45:49
     I'm thinking similar to James Franklin which would be damn - bcoop199 KC - 12/7 00:16:51
     Does he have eyebrows?(nm) - Ozark Apple MU - 12/6 22:28:29

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