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If Mizzou beats OSU and Georgia beats Texas, both likely

Posted on: December 6, 2018 at 14:21:02 CT
nitwittc3 MU
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Odom will have a better overall record than Tom Herman last 2 seasons.

Odom would be 16-10. Herman 16-11.

Herman loses 8 starting SR on defense. 5 SR on offense, including leading rusher. That doesn't include decisions to made about top 2 leading receivers who could both declare for draft. That is potentially and likely 15 new starters on both sides of the ball. I am sure there are a few replacements that are ready, and Texas recruits well, but not many can replace that much and turn a into a great season. Ehlinger does come back.

Odom loses 5 starters on defense (TBJ, Palmore, Hall, Lee, and Hilton) and 4 on offense (Lock, Hall, Adams, and Pendleton). We know the emergence Eliot, Perkins was getting significant playing time with Lee, and Gillespie/Bledsoe was playing at a higher level than Hilton. On offense we replace Lock with Bryant, Hall with the Scott/Knox/Nance, and the combination of Adams and Pendleton with highly ranked OL with some game experience.

If you had to guess now, who will have the better record after next year. Looking at the schedule, Texas amazingly only plays 2 games outside the state of Texas.

Texas Schedule
La Tech
@Rice - NRG Stadium
OU - Red River

Mizzou Schdule
Ole Miss
@Ark - Little Rock
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