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yes, yes, yes

Posted on: December 6, 2018 at 13:16:28 CT
cal MU
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The strangest fanbase in the country. We loathe ourselves collectively, and it's not limited to message board types. The average fan that I know including my dad, is over the top pessimistic and rationalizes everything in the opposite way such as the KY PI call with no time on the clock. He, like mass amount of posters on here, dwelled on everything else in the game except the call that decided the game. Even more strange is the majority, including him, acknowledged it was a horrific call, but that Mizzou should not have put themselves in that position. There is merit certainly to both sides, but the strange thing is the Mizzou fans tendency to gravitate away from the stance that supports the guys on the team. We see it constantly in every possible topic and scenario. The psychology behind it is interesting to me as I cant imagine any other fanbase like this. Was it the thirteen year exodus from relevance from 84-96? Or the gut wrenching losses against number one teams, Fifth Down and Flea Kicker in which the officiating and luck were more to blame than anything the teams did in those games? Perhaps this over the top objectiveness has always been a prevalent partner going back to Divine in the sixties...that I don't know, but it sure is an interesting case study.

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