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Watson on his transition to college ball

Posted on: December 6, 2018 at 12:34:53 CT
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“Coming into college, it was a lot harder than I expected,” Watson said. “Having to work a lot harder than I did at Whitfield. Just getting the mindset that some shots didn’t fall, so I was struggling a little bit.”

But as Watson struggled to shoot and adjust to the college game, his issues snowballed. When he would check into games he would get passive instead of looking to score. Martin was never concerned with Watson’s play and said that the current climate with freshmen in college basketball is part of the problem.

“Because of the landscape one-and-dones, the mentality is a guy can’t be a freshman and go through struggles,” Martin said.

Watson, a four-star recruit when he signed, said he got away with playing poor defense in high school, which has been his biggest hurdle since getting to Columbia.

Martin is a defensive-minded coach who usually preaches it as a ticket for younger players to get on the floor.

“It’s really difficult to play defense for him,” Watson said of Martin. “I’ll say that.”
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Watson on his transition to college ball - FIJItiger MU - 12/6 12:34:53
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