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ESPN first bracketology out today for WBB...

Posted on: December 3, 2018 at 19:05:44 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Yeah it's way way too early for Charlie Creme to check in but I guess you have to start somewhere so there is something to compare to when the next one comes out, hopefully not until the first week in January. For what's it's worth, here is how he projected the SEC team seeds for the NCAA tournament:

2 Miss State
3 Tennessee
5 Kentucky
7 Missouri
8 SC
9 Georgia
10 Auburn

And LSU in the first 4 teams out. In terms of bids for the SEC that sounds about right, maximum of 8-9, will probably end up being 7 or 8. Projecting Mizzou as a 7 seed right now feels about right for a team that is borderline top 25 in the nation.

Really critical we get a top 16 national seed, which means a 4 seed. We've never gotten past the first weekend in Sophie's first three years here, and it hasn't even been close, getting pounded in the second round the first two years and then getting beat in the first round last year by FGCU. To get to the sweet 16 and do some damage we really need a home regional. And at this point, we have some work to do to even get there.

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ESPN first bracketology out today for WBB... - bluetiger_ MU - 12/3 19:05:44
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