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Only saw a few matches this year and usually miss but a few.

Posted on: December 1, 2018 at 07:51:53 CT
BigMo89 MU
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This is a team that has a ton of upside next year, based on the few matches I did see, particularly last night.

Overall excellent play in all phases. Deberg, Hollingsowrth, Munlyn and LMM must have had a hitting percentage of 450-500 last night, but I didn't see the stats. I can't remember a hit that Munlyn didn't convert. Fuentes is going to be a good one if she keeps progressing and I'm a big fan of Hollingsworth. Especially if she can bring it every match.

It will be tough against the Nubs tonight. We'll have to have our A game. The Nubs are down slightly from last years Natty team, but Foecke is a stud. As good as our hitters are, we do not have an elite hitter that the Nubs and many Big 10 teams have. Need to keep the balanced attack goping, but I think the transition and passing will be the difference in the match. If Sents continues to play well, we got a chance. In the end I think the Nubs talent wins out, but we have a young team and no shame if we do lose this one. Next year could be very promising.
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